10 Strategies to Win on Medium — stolen from the Top Writers

Dr S S
3 min readJan 13, 2024

It is better to get wisdom from experienced people than learn by ourselves (after wasting much energy and time).

I’ve been writing online since 2007, completely as a side gig and for fun. Recently I took writing as a serious deal.

I listed the top 10 things I wish I would have known a decade ago. It's too late for me. But for you, new writers — it's the time to do the optimal things from the beginning to see the success sooner.

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1. Write and Publish Frequently

A consistent average writer will beat the world’s best writer who writes less frequently.

The more your name appears to the readers/followers, the more you get registered in their minds. It is a kind of unintentional marketing.

Depending on the quality of the content (the research it takes, the work it needs) tune your frequency from 1 to 10 per week.

2. Write a scannable story every time

Keep the article uncluttered.

Use as many subheadings as possible.

Help the reader to skip to the interesting part.

The less frustrated reader = follower and fan.

3. Write ‘like you talk‘ — make it simple

Writing doesn’t need any new set of skills.

If you can talk, then you can write.

Write like it transcribed your talk.

Keep it simple. Don’t worry about the rules of writing as long as it is clear for readers’ understanding.

You don’t have to be clever. Just focus on being clear.

4. Repeat your core ideas

Say the same idea in different ways.

It is not about choosing the niche. It is about what you believe in.

The more you share about it, the more you get close to readers.

Repeat your core ideas and points. But don't allow redundancy to bore.

The more you write about a few ideas, the more the readers want to engage with you. And this will…



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