A story with 148 claps earned 12 times more than a story with 4.2k claps

Know the secret of earning more with low-performing stories in MPP

Sakthitharan S
5 min readApr 11, 2024

Hello Medium Writers 👋.

If you’re not a writer with Medium Partner Program access, this could be an off-topic for you.

I often meta-write (writing about writing) on Medium. Hoping sharing my experience will be helpful for others.

If you’re following me, then you would know that I am not trying to make money by sharing these (or selling anything to you) kinds of experiences.

Jumping to today’s topic.

Below I’ve attached stats of 2 different stories I’ve recently published.

For easy understanding, I would like to call them Case A and Case B.

Case A

A well-performing story.

Written casually.

Whopping 2.1K reads and 4.2K claps.

(BTW, all my stories will at least have a minimum of 62% read ratio and to a max of 90%)

Sadly $1.30 earnings (for 2.1K reads)

Case A

Case B


Only 148 claps.