— Object-oriented note-taking

Sakthitharan S
1 min readFeb 21, 2023 is a note-taking and comprehensive PKM app with a modern approach to object-oriented note-taking. The approach follows

  • Every node is an “object” (an object may be a ‘page/idea’, ‘person’, ‘day-journal’, ‘note’, ‘idea’, ‘tweet’ or a ‘custom-object’ like the book, website, recipe, etc)
  • Every node can be assigned a ‘tag’. Here, tags are universal.
  • Every node can have multiple lines of content as an indented block (like Roam and Logseq)

Capacities have excellent UI/UX and an approach for frictionless note-taking. Supports back-linking, and tasks inertly.

Capacities could be your all-in-one app that can bundle notes, task,s and events together. (Calendar support is limited for now).

Me, As a big fan of graph view (in apps like Roam, and Logseq), Capacities nailed the graph view.

Today, Capacities is only accessible through the web and it promised to release mobile apps soon. is now added to 🛠️” Tools Repo “. You can read full review there.

I hope today’s Snippetter is valuable.

Originally published at on February 21, 2023.