Beware of “meta” Writers on Medium.

About the writers who write about writing on Medium.

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Who are meta writers?

Meta (No not that ‘Facebook’ Meta) is more or less translates to “something about itself”.

As per modern web dictionary,

showing or suggesting an explicit awareness of itself or oneself as a member of its category: cleverly self-referential

Usually, Writers write in different niches.

If the niche is ‘writing’, if it is more specific to how he does that, then he/she is a “meta” writer.

Medium Meta Writers

If you are a writer on Medium, you can find thousands of articles on how to be successful as a writer on Medium.

Some are informational, most are opinions.

The remaining are dummy blueprints, sharing the story of their initial success at Medium — So prematurely.

There are too many writers writing about their journey on Medium, but very few qualify to advise others.

Still, most read them. Including me.

Because the title looks compulsive. There’s fear of missing out on something. So we click and open the story and find nothing new — most of the time.

There are plenty of writers at the bottom level of the pyramid.

Only a few at the top.

The Meta writers try to convert the bottom pyramid into their readers.

While the entire pyramid is supposed to be written for readers. Readers who belong to a particular niche.

Meta Writing & Money in Medium

According to the Medium Partner Program’s new eligibility criteria, every writer who is going to apply should be a member of Medium. Meaning — they pay $5/month.

If you write for those sets of audiences, you’ll get your share — even if there are plenty of articles already there.

Unfortunately, many writers are following this path now.

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Why it’s unfortunate?



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