Comparing RoamResearch graph-view with Logseq and Obsidian

Sakthitharan S
3 min readApr 1, 2022

Among the networked-thoughts app like Obsidian, Logseq, and many more, RoamResearch has the least appealing graph view. Hope everyone agrees.

Obsidian graphs (also Logseq’s) are pleasant to the eyes, bubbling around when interacting, highlighting connections of the hovering nodes, ability to filter the nodes with few parameters, etc. It’s nice to have the UI touch in the graph views of these bi-directional linking note-taking apps.

But the graph view should be useful rather than appealing. Before jumping in, there are two graph views. One is an overview (includes all the nodes) and another is a ‘page-graph’ that shows connections between the current note/page to others.

Let’s see how Overall View (Graph Overview) scores. Definitely, Obsidian’s graph view is better than any other app, while Logseq is giving a better user experience when searching and browsing within the graph view and RoamResearch’s graph view is not quite good.

I like the way you can interact with the graphs and filter the connections using tags and other parameters in Logseq. Obsidian allows you to move a node away from the graph and put it out of the clutter to get a clear view of the connections.

On the other hand, RoamResearch presents you with a boring graph view (in Graph Overview) section. A strict bordered, brick-like graph is what you can see at the first glance. Not much to play in the view, zooming and zooming out just shows the…