Evernote is complicating Calendars? [April 2024 Update]

New Evernote Calendar!!! Good or Bad?

Sakthitharan S
2 min readApr 16, 2024

Evernote rolled out an update today — with the ability to create calendar events.

That’s not bad.

But the caveat is, it will be only stored inside Evernote. In other words, Evernote will get a built-in calendar that will not sync with your Google or Microsoft Calendar.

So, you’ll get an Evernote Calendar. You can create an event inside it. But you can’t create an event on your Google Calendar (or Microsoft Calendar).


If I can’t sync calendars between two platforms, what is the purpose of it?

It has 1 good purpose.

Now I can create notes and attach them to the calendar.

To do that, I need to create an event. And I don’t want this event to be reflected in my scheduling calendar (Google Calendar).

Here comes the new Evernote Calendar to the rescue.

Check the below two screenshots.

Evernote Calendar with an Event (the light-green color block)
A “note” (linked) to the Calendar Event.