Finally, Evernote got rid of annoying “Home” page

They removed it from their mobile apps

Sakthitharan S


A few years back Evernote bloated with new unnecessary features for a note-taking or notes app.

One of them is Home — with widgets.

The “Home” Page in Evernote — with “widgets”

The default page for the app becomes the “Home” page with half a dozen of widgets. Customizable. But, why?

It's a note app. When I open it, I should see the notes I took — recently. Like a real, physical notebook.

I should appreciate Apple Notes for their decision to keep it simple and clean. Whenever I open it, it opens with the list of notes — that I recently took. Just that. Because either I am going to create a note or open a recent note. (That’s the case 9 out of 10 times).

When it comes to Evernote’s Home, I rarely opened a note from the widgets. I forced myself to make use of the Home feature and the widgets. No matter how I customized it, it was more or less useless to me.

I wrote this article a few days ago.

In that article as a 6th feature, I wanted Evernote to have an option to remove this Home page as a default one.

Especially on mobile phones, I don’t want to see the clumsy home page. Every time I open Evernote, I have to navigate to either the “Notes” list (where all notes will be shown) or open a list from my shortcuts.

It will take 2 seconds every time. For me, it was an unwanted hiccup when I was in a hurry to take a quick note or open a note from the list.

In a recent update, Evernote moved all the features of the Home to Widgets sections. You can now see a new section under Home called “widgets”.

This helped me to ignore the “widgets” section conveniently.

The default “Home” now only shows recent notes in the last edited order.