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Sakthitharan S


What makes a story the story?

(everything I talk about here is only related to writing on Medium)

But first, What is the definition of a successful story? Qualitatively and Quantitatively.

What is the measurement used?

Quality is a matter of subjectivity. We need to define it objectively. Even the qualitative metrics require quantity-based measurement.

So how can we say a story is a good story? The story that was liked by many — many of your targeted readers?

There are plenty of metrics that can tell about the quality of your story.

But how many of them help you find the reader's pulse?


No. Views represent good, catchy, attractive titles. Not the quality of the story.


Yes. But the clap is for the entire story. You won’t know what portion of your writing the readers liked.

When they like the story as a whole, they give claps. (Even if they don’t like a part of it).


If you make them stay more than 30 seconds in your story. You won.