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Simple, yet powerful for new writers

Dr S S


If you’re new to writing (online) and wondering what to write?

Did you read it? Oh, promise to read it when you finish this one. Good.

Need to start from somewhere

Okay, let’s assume you chose your niche. (Still in confusion? I will help you to choose’em in my next story).

Now you need to choose the topic of writing.

It needs to be relevant, interesting, and in trend.

Where can you find it?

From content leaders

They are not our leaders. But they are experts in their specific niche. Trust me, even if you don’t agree, they set the trends.

1% and 4%

The top 1% create the original content.

Another top 4% copywriter.

Some steal it and write it like they invented it.

Some write about it. Some write against it or criticize it. Some write to brag to show that they knew it first.

Whatever. Most (successful) writers fall into this 4% category.

Remaining 95%? They consume it.

hiccup of a writer

Out of it, A tiny portion of the wannabe writer has an opinion over it but doesn’t want to write it.

Why not? Did you see, the top 4% is doing that?


Find the best writers (niche leaders) on Medium under your selected niche.

Follow them.

Now, you have to repeat the following steps.

  1. Read their stories.
  2. Highlight the resonating lines from their writings.
  3. Revisit them all at once. (after some time)
  4. Draft your first opinion on them.
  5. Add some value to it.
  6. Rewrite them (quickly)



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