You’re the easy target — If you want to make money online.

The easy-peasy cheating.

Sakthitharan S


James (a well-known author on the internet) wrote a book on “How to earn $100,000 in a month”.

He worked a lot on advertising and promoting it. Everywhere. To everyone.

He pitched it like it was a secret that God gave him.

He sounded so confident. He acted like a millionaire.

He even showed the proof of $100,000 in his bank account to everyone skeptical.

His story is so much motivating. It gave hope to everyone who was looking for a way to earn some money — easily and quickly.

The book looks so promising. The cover, the title everything.

John bought that book for $100.

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

Here’s the summary of it.

Write something you know. Compile it as a book. Pick a title like “How to earn X amount in Y time”. Put it out on the market. Promote it as much as you can. Finally, get your $100,000.

If 1000 John does that, 1 John will turn into James.

There are 1000s of James’s (now read the first line of this story). And millions of John’s (99% failed) in this world — in every field.

So also on the internet.

Most money are made out of people who want to make more money

The oldest scam: How to make money easily and quickly.

The newest scam: How to make money easily and quickly.

The scam is always on the top. Happens at all levels. In all domains.

And still, there are plenty of people who’ll fall for it — even today — multiple times.

I am not against the Gurus, Coaches, Experts.

I am against the people who think, that if you follow their path, you will be successful like them.

I am against the people who give their blueprint of success when no one is alike them.

No one has the same experience, mindset, opportunities, and other infinite attributes for them to succeed by following another.