Just write for that one person. This tip will avoid writer’s block.

Who are you writing for?

I do follow this tip for a very long time. I just make this person in my mind, giving general attributes and character for this imaginary person. The ideal reader for my content. And then, I try to write to this person. This one person. Explaining my theory, concept to this one person.

I recently read this story, https://every.to/the-long-conversation/who-are-you-writing-for which inspired me to share what I’ve been doing so far.

Just the takeaways…

There will be many types of readers, wishing to read a different type of content, in a different style than you attempt to write now. Impressing them all in ‘one’ writing piece is impossible.

The fear of other people’s opinions is the main cause of ‘writer’s block’. Ignoring everyone and focusing on the person(type of person) who needs your content most will give you the clarity to proceed with your writing. Reduces the complexity of your writing.

Fix the understanding level and IQ of this imaginary person to somewhat average to above average. Then, write for him/her. Done. This will give you that satisfactory feeling you wish to get after done writing.

I’m done and satisfied now!



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Dr. S. S.

Dr. S. S.

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