Medium Closing its integrations? Is Medium planning to isolate itself?

Bug or Strategic decision?

Dr S S


[Edit: 2024–01–011] Medium API is now working.

From the last week of December 2023, I noticed Medium has cut off itself from connecting to other online entities.

[Edit: 2024–01–08] Medium is removed from Zapier.

All Zapier integrations to update or post a story (in draft) have stopped working.

Medium API stopped working.

We’ll know the story import feature of Medium only works half of the time.

There’s no update on this.

As usual, Medium is less transparent about what’s happening inside Medium.

bug or?

First I doubted that Medium is planning to shut down the API to minimize the spamming content posted automatically to Medium. This decision could be made to improve the quality of content created in Medium.

There’s no update on this. No announcement or what-so-ever.

I tried to decode the error messages given by the Medium server when tried to contact it with a few queries, I found this could be a configuration issue.

Cloudflare (a service to improve web performance and security) is blocking all the queries that are sent to Medium.

If Medium wanted to shut down API access, it would have told in a public update.

why it is not solved yet?

If this is a bug or misconfig, why Medium is not addressing it in a fast pace?

Most of my workflow with Medium has broken because of this. This is the case for most writers.

selective issue

Even though so many people are affected by this, few are not affected negatively.

Is Medium trying to selectively allow or deny access to its API?

Or Cloudflare is blocking the IPs of selected people?

I don’t know. Medium has to answer this.



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