Modern online writing styles — Collection-1 (Must Read for Medium Writers)

Dr S S
5 min readJan 6, 2024

Writing has always been the same. But the audience, the medium of distribution, technology, and its form have changed. So the style needs the change.

I have been writing online since 2007 and recently started in Medium. I could see how things evolved for me and for the whole world. I adapted to the readers’ needs.

The (Medium) medium that we publish has certain untold, unwritten requirements set by readers. These requirements are mostly influenced by how things are now on the internet. The modern internet.

In the age of Twitter, everything shrinks under 180 characters. Then to 280. Today’s Twitter (called) ‘X’ uses threads to accommodate long-form content. (They are also migrating to long-form tweets/notes that support up to 2500 characters).

I see the co-existence of Long-form, short-form, and micro-form (limited to 280 characters) and the blend of them changing how written content is produced today.

Resumes’ are no longer printed. They started to reside on LinkedIn. And they no longer follow the same old style or format.

Today, The print medium is dated. The digital Medium (pun intended) became absolute.

So, you can’t follow the same style that was used in print publications if you want to adapt to the modern reader community. There’s a lot of modernization happening — happened. This is not the bandwagon for you to hop on or ignore. I believe this is the path.

As I already mentioned above, these are unwritten standards. No authority can define that this is that. And no one can represent the whole reader community.

That’s the disclaimer for this article. I am just going to share a few modernized writing styles I observed (and proven to be useful/successful) and a few other styles I use.

Why do you need a style?

Stand out from the crowd? Maybe. If you ask me, your writing style is your personality.

Readers read with eyes and minds. If your style would satisfy both, then it's what you need.

Tune your writing → How it looks (visual), and how it is said (mental).

Here is the style list for you



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