My anxiety as a writer on Medium (gone).

This is not an informative story. Just a writer’s confession.

Sakthitharan S
3 min readApr 26, 2024

You can feel free to ignore this story as this not going to help you to become a better writer — than now.

I noticed this pattern for the past couple of months. Some people scroll/swipe their phone’s home screen often — with no purpose or no intention. It's just out of habit. Like the phone replaces some kind of fidget toy. Like that, I am frequently fiddling with Medium (app on my phone).

Mostly to check the notifications.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

So far my frequency of checking the notification never let me see a notification count beyond a single digit point.

This slightly kind of gave me a high. For a certain time.

Not only to check the notification. I have this habit of seeing my home page (of Medium) to see who is writing on what. Usually, I check close to two dozen familiar author’s content and some new content from new authors.

It looked perfectly normal. I thought it was my strategy — to get the vibe (trend) of the community. So that I can follow it — to my success.

Just recently I came to the odd awareness of this pattern. Checking Medium daily — But not for reading the stories.