Non-sense writers are winning through consistency and socialising

Sakthi Tharan
2 min readJan 12, 2022


Medium is a combination of blogging and social networking service.

Mostly, the quality of the content determines the success of the blog. The emotion (emotional content) steers the community engagement (apart from the core content).

Being both, medium requires both content quality and emotional touch or other forms of connection with your readers. (If you need followers). The intersection of both falls in consistency.

By talking loud. By talking constantly. You can make the room hear you. This is the strategy followed here (sadly in many other social platforms). Even if it is rubbish. Eventually either they will lose the game or they will be ignored (unfollowed).

I can see a lot of writers writing a lot and don’t have equally good things to share in their writing. That includes using click-baits.

Maybe medium is filled with a lot more polite individuals, who aren’t telling the writers how much irritating they are.

Many couldn’t just unfollow in a snap as they have got much good information from the writer in the past. (Maybe FOMO).

I am not judging. I am just sharing my view. I am not polite either. I am just trying not to hurt anyone by pointing.

Readers love gaining something from your writing like writers love gaining followers/subscribers and claps. But what’s the exchange? Good content.

Frequency is different from consistency. Maintain the quality with your frequency. It may be less frequent or more. Just maintain the pace or make it grow little by little.

After all everyone’s time is precious.

I don’t like the approach of using subtle socialisation to increasing your ‘read’ count. Remember talking loud irritates. It may look like a good strategy at the beginning but definitely not at the end.

If you are in writing challenge like “30 days 30 posts challenge” please be aware of this. Practice writing, but don’t post everything. Write for 30 days. But post only which passes an invisible quality bar. Put yourself in a reader’s position. If you don’t read what you wrote, then don’t post it.

Don’t make writing as a chore. Practice the process of writing. Let it flow. Practice until it flows on demand. Not for the outcome.

Let it be nonsense writing. But don’t become a nonsense writer.



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