This is why you couldn’t sleep (early) at night. [this is not a clickbait]

Know the reason why your mind is not letting you sleep.

Sakthitharan S


Scrolling on your phone while you on bed, searching and browsing the internet for a better way to accomplish what you want, looking for better motivations at night, and also wandering the net aimlessly, all these are attributed to your guilt that you didn’t accomplish your goal of the day.

Photo by Nubelson Fernandes on Unsplash

You’re not able to sleep immediately when you hop to bed because of one of the following reasons.

  1. Inability to complete your goal of the day (even if the reason for not completing your tasks of the day is genuine).
  2. You are not satisfied with the output you gave out to the world.
  3. You didn’t do any job that made a (positive) impact.
  4. Stress from work. The day didn’t go as you expected or planned.
  5. You feel worthless. You feel ashamed of your efforts not converted into a product (productivity is not there).
  6. Feeling that you’re working in a job that is not aligned with your passion or strength.
  7. There’s no autonomy for you to work on your tasks at your own pace.
  8. You failed to work on your tasks rather than worked on tasks assigned to you which are priorities of others.
  9. You feel stuck and confused as you don’t know what to change in your methods of approaching the day.
  10. You have a lot on your task list, but nothing gets completed. You see a lot of postponed tasks and get the feeling of failure.
  11. A lot of your ideas stayed as ideas and never materialized.

The reasons goes on similar to the above. But it all boils down to two things.

Either the day didn’t go as planned or expected or you didn’t do anything as planned for the day.

So, the “Guilt of wasted day-time”.

If you don’t achieve in the day, you want to compensate them by doing two things at night.

  1. Randomly browsing for ideas, methods, and shortcuts hoping they may help or aimlessly scrolling your social feeds just to avoid the sense of guilt.