Want fans? You better understand these 2 things.

A simple understanding you need to have if you want true fans

Sakthitharan S


What is the point of writing if no one likes it?

Do (number of) views matter?

Not at all. Fans matter. Fans are a little above followers (in Medium).

I learned two things in Medium, that will help you to build your fan base in the long run for a long game.

Your writing should reflect these two things.

Take a damn side.

Pick a side.

Don’t try to be a neutral person. You’re not a journalist. You’re not a scientist or a Judge.

You’re a damn human who happened to be a writer.

Everyone has opinions. Everyone is entitled to them.

As a writer, you are supposed to make a paradigm shift in your perspective rather than making your case well.

This or that. You can’t be both. If you’re too cowardly to tell what you think, you should not be writing in public.

It's not this side or that side.

You should be going further on one side, maybe to the extreme. You respect the other side, but you take a side that you have passion for.

If you don’t have that passion on that side, you can’t make your readers passionate about it and your writing.