Why it’s so naive to share the Medium earnings and stats?

Dr S S
3 min readJan 8, 2024
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I am not against sharing your beginner’s achievements. But I don’t recommend it to any new writer.

It shows you’re so naive. This naiveness attracts naive writers until they get the experience of their own. That means you’re not so getting reliable followers.

It shows you are happy with small earnings. And you’d (fallen and) got the ‘Messiah’ complex and feel like a guru and succumbed to the urge to teach all others with your tiny experience.

It shows you are not getting high with your actions — but with the (temporary) results.

The excitement is silly — like a child. It's not wrong to feel excited when you win (in the beginning). But don’t you see, it's the beginning? By this time, you have only seen the first up in the graph and have to see some downs to understand things better.

Showing off (unintentionally bragging) your first month's earnings shows that you’re in a money crunch. You’re inadvertently believing that the current earnings are directly proportional to the quality you offered.

There’s something called beginner’s luck. You misunderstood your beginner’s luck as a progress to success. There’s a lot to see down the path.

I’ve seen a lot of writers come and go. A lot lost their path.

Because they followed the path of instant incentives. It deviated from their actual plan of becoming a successful writer.

Thinking of yourself as a success at the beginning (with few minor achievements) is not good for your career.

The first few victories are the result of consistency and quantity. The next will be only based on the quality you could provide. That’s the real part of being a writer. That’s the real challenge.

The real growth is beyond the initial shoot-up.

I was reading a few stories like that last month. They are not gratitude letters to their followers. They titled “How I earned $$$ in a month, here is the proof”.

New aspiring writers (who are thinking of beginning their writing in Medium) will fall for this and read them. At first, you see a spike in number of views. Down the line, you won’t get enough views. You’ll…



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