Writer’s Overthinking — How To Get Unstuck?

Struggling to write an article and publish it online?

Dr S S


We all have plenty of ideas to write on. But we don’t believe all those were worthy of writing/sharing.

We reject most ideas assuming that it is silly or already told many times or it looks very obvious to all of your readers.

Next overthinking happens while you write.

Analysis Paralysis

is the inability to decide due to overthinking a problem.

This often happens when you’re dealing with too many variables and continually researching solutions, instead of taking action and making a decision.

The expectation of the outcome and the greedy appetite to get the most (max) rewards out of a single work make the deciding process hard.

You’re not writing a book. You’re writing in episodes. It is a process.

Online writing is a slow game — except the growth is exponential — if done right.

Don’t conclude the things even before trying.

Analyze the reaction, not the action

Instead of overthinking and analyzing all the probabilities of outcomes, I just started to put out the words.

Then wait a few days to analyze the reaction of my readers.

Analysis before action is just a prediction or estimation.

What comes after is the reality.

Analyze based on your reader’s responses rather than based on your preconceived opinion about them or the idea.

Perfection is the enemy of progress

Progress is the aim — even if it is at an iota level.

Perfect is a subjective state. What’s perfect for you, may not be for others.

You can never make a perfect story.

Accept your limitations and move on.

Just write. Hit publish when you’re satisfied.

Don’t try to please all the readers.



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